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Ribeira Quente

     Parish belonging to the municipality of Povoação whose name is intimately linked to the fact that it is here that the Furnas hot stream flows into the sea.

     Elevated to parish status on June 24, 1943, most of its inhabitants are fisher man, to the extent that it is often said that for many years it is Ribeira Quente that supplied the island with fish during the winter. However, it also has strong agricultural traditions and some chroniclers claim that is one of the most fertile places of the island”.

     Located on the south coast of the island of São Miguel, about 8 kilometers from Povoação Village, it is bordered by the sea and the parishes of Povoação , Furnas and Ponta Garça( Parish of Vila Franca do Campo Municipality ).

     It occupies an area of 9.88 km2. Integrates the place of Ribeira characterized by fishing port structure and adjacent complexes, and the place of Fogo identified by the presence of a bay with a beautiful beach(Praia do Fogo).