Ponta do Garajau is one of the best known restaurants in São Miguel.

     The rustic style decoration brings memories of the old fashion kitchens used by our ancestors, and make this space part of a very pleasant experience, beautiful and inviting, it assumes differences from what is considered to be the overall concept of a restaurant, because all the space is exterior and covered by a confortable “shed”.

    The decoration is typical with flower arrangements, old fashion petroleum lamps, fishing nets, and many other ethnographic motives essentially bringing you to the fishing atmosphere.

      Creative cooking, based on Azorean culture using mainly good quality local products, always respecting and recovering old recipes, flavors and homemade blends.

      An excellent place to savor a wide offer of fresh fish, always benefitting of the privileged location of the fishing port  of Ribeira Quente only 100 m away.

      The service is always attentive, efficient and friendly.

     Besides the unbeatable (unmatched) gastronomic experience, “Ponta do Garajau” will offer you a carefree interaction, and a soft tone chat always placed in a quiet fishing environment.